Proud, Prepared, and Professional

Welcome to AG Bell’s new blog – Proud, Prepared, and Professional. This blog serves as an online resource for hearing health and speech therapy professionals and Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (LSLS) and touches on a wide range of topics from audiology and speech therapy to education and advocacy.

Too often families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing are unaware that their child can learn to listen and speak. AG Bell and AG Bell International are working together to ensure that every family has access to comprehensive and accurate information. By creating a space to collectively share information and knowledge, as well as emerging research, our network of professionals can better serve their local communities.

Global Community

Writers for our blog live across the world. By engaging in conversation on a global scale, we are able to connect families and caregivers and individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing worldwide to professionals who can provide them with support and the knowledge on their journey with hearing loss. 

Being a part of a global community is a powerful thing. As we continue to share information from around the world, we will be able to advocate for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in a more impactful way.

Our Subscribers

This is a place for professionals from all facets of the hearing loss community to share knowledge. By creating this digital space, we are ensuring that more families worldwide will be able to make a better-informed decision on all of the options available to them.

Additionally, this blog serves to encourage individuals to become LSL Specialists so that every child has access to a certified LSLS professional in their immediate geographical location.

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If you are a professional with an interesting topic to discuss, please email We welcome different perspectives from our readers and writers.


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